Monday, April 5, 2010

2010 Membership Drive

By Sangita Nayak

During this 2010 membership drive, I have been reminded about how there are so many moments to join 9to5. Here are three different ways women have become members so far this drive.

1) While volunteering with 9to5, women joined as a 9to5 member in order to keep our work going. One woman, who volunteered for the first time, filled out the form and paid her membership immediately, so she could help 9to5 financially and demonstrate her investment in our work.

2) One member asked if she could renew online and asked for our website address. In no time flat she had entered the website and paid her membership. Online memberships take little time to complete and few 9to5 resources to process. Join online today at

3) Many members have been successful in recruiting new members, this reminds us that members like giving to members. If you are a member why not ask friends and family if they would like to join your local 9to5 chapter. Every year this is a major way 9to5 Milwaukee grows its membership.

Celebrate 36 years of 9to5 - join today for only $15! As a member of 9to5, you will receive:

- Our quarterly Newsline magazine
- An invitation to 9to5's Annual Leadership Conference in Washington, D.C.
- Action alerts on legislation to expand workplace rights and family friendly policies
- Connections to other women activists in Milwaukee and across the country

...not to mention your contribution will help move 9to5 and its issues forward. Join TODAY!